Apple announces 7-1 stock split, dividend increase, and expanded captial return program
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Apple today released its earnings results from its second fiscal quarter of 2014, posting revenue of $45.6 billion and EPS of 11.62 in the process. Overall, iPhone sales came in stronger than expected …

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Free iPhone Apps You Should Download This March 2010

Submitted by on April 1, 2010 – 11:46 amNo Comment
Free iPhone Apps You Should Download This March 2010

Easter is almost upon us! How many of you are excited about the Easter weekend? Before we celebrate and indulge in egg hunts and feasting on delicious chocolate bunnies, let’s take a look at some free iPhone apps you should download before March 2010 ends.

1. NASA iPhone app
The NASA iPhone app doesn’t just appeal to astronomy lovers, it is also a vast information gateway for average people who are mildly interested in the subject, like yours truly. Enhance your knowledge with the huge list of mission descriptions and find out what really happen during one of NASA’s many space explorations. A great bonus, I discovered, lies in the fact that this app provides numerous videos that will enthrall its users.

2. Anagramania Free
I love word games, and the Anamgramania Free app offers hours of fun. Designed to let you rearrange words from existing phrases to create new words, the Anagramania app is a great source of fun and can be quite addictive – especially for those who are ardent fans of Boggle and Scrabble.

3. WhatVeggie
The WhatVeggie iPhone app is indeed a great app to play around with. Just key in the four to five digit codes stuck to the surfaces of fruits or vegetables and voila, you’ll be presented with a wealth of information – sometimes even alerting you of new fruits or veges you were unaware of!

4. Cute Chick Pictures
Lest you think that the Cute Chick Pictures app lets you access pictures of hot babes of the female variety, you’re wrong. Instead, it features images of fluffy cute baby chickens – perfect for men who want to make their girlfriends/spouses go “Ooh” and “Aah” over pictures of adorable little chicks.

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