Apple announces 7-1 stock split, dividend increase, and expanded captial return program
April 23, 2014 – 10:01 pm | Comments Off

Apple today released its earnings results from its second fiscal quarter of 2014, posting revenue of $45.6 billion and EPS of 11.62 in the process. Overall, iPhone sales came in stronger than expected …

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Shazam 5.0 offers faster tagging and startup

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Shazam 5.0 offers faster tagging and startup

When you absolutely, positively need to know the song that is playing on the background soundtrack at the restaurant or club, Shazam is the go-to application. The app “listens” to music, queries a database, and responds with information including the song’s title, artist, and sometimes…

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Shazam 5.0 offers faster tagging and startup

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